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4 Quick Ways to Set Your Shopify Store to Success

When setting up your store as a small business owner, the ideal outcome is that you quickly grow your business and gain enough revenue to meet your goals. But that isn’t always the case. In fact, it’s found that only half of the small businesses survive after five years of being established. It’s a daunting fact in a way that what you do in your first 90 days may determine whether or not your store will still be there on the five-year mark.

So, to help you set your Shopify store to success, here are some quick ways to do it.


What’s the number one success rule in creating an online store? It’s to check out other successful stores and borrow ideas from them. After all, you’re not the first one making a Shopify store, so there’s no reason to start from scratch.

However, take note that it’s about borrowing their idea and not stealing it. This means that you’ll have to look at their stores and see what makes them so successful. Then, try and copy these elements to your own site to save you lots of time doing trial-and-error for some features. It’s also best to keep in mind that what one store has won’t necessarily work for yours. For instance, those with more items tend to have busier layouts, such as more menu options than others.

There are three ways that you can create your store. You can check out Shopify’s official theme library for pre-built themes, use page builders, or you can hire expert web designers for custom builds such as Nivara Inc.


Slow loading pages has a significant impact on whether customers stay on the site or not. So, you’ll have to check your site speed regularly then remove any elements that are causing it to slowly load. You may also look into lazy loading as a solution. It’s when you only load the content above the fold until the customer scrolls down and sees what’s below.


The biggest disadvantage of online shopping is that customers don’t actually see the product until they have it. While buying, they will always worry whether or not what they purchased is exactly what they’re expecting. One of the best ways to assuage their concerns is by investing in high-quality professional photos of your products. Some are close-ups, in-actions, or even a video on how it’s used and proof of its size.


Another best way to set up your store for success is by ranking high in search engine results. In fact, 43% of eCommerce traffic comes from organic search. To rank high, you’ll have to produce original content that has keywords related to your store. You’ll not only rise in search rankings, but you’ll also get the chance to get noticed by potential customers looking for the exact information you have on your blogs.

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