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Best for brands with their own designer, and a consistent need for Shopify development help.

$995 per month

  • Up to 10 hours/month
  • Design & Development
  • Assigned Developer
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Proactive Theme Updates
  • Custom Code Maintenance
  • Urgent Fix Requests
  • Email Support
  • Cancel Anytime

Dedicated Developer

Best for brands or agencies that require Shopify design & development services consistently for a fixed.

$1995 per month

  • Up to 25 hours/month
  • Design & Development
  • Dedicated Developer
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Proactive Theme Updates
  • Custom Code Maintenance
  • Urgent Fix Requests
  • Email Support
  • Cancel Anytime

Full Stack + CRO

Best for brands, agencies, or freelancers with consistent needs for Shopify design and development services.

$3995 per month

  • Up to 50 hours/month
  • Design, Development & CRO
  • Account Manager
  • Dedicated Developer
  • Proactive Theme Updates
  • Custom Code Maintenance
  • Urgent Fix Requests
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Cancel Anytime

Need a full site setup or full site redesign?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I subscribe to a Plan?

We designed our service to help time-strapped brand owners and operators get high quality design and development support to help grow their businesses. Over the years We’ve noticed that the best results come with customers who engage with our team over 4-18 months.

Will I work with a dedicated developer?

On the Full Stack + CRO plan, you get a dedicated team consisting of an account manager to help with project management, a developer and a designer if needed. On the Dedicated Developer plan, you get a dedicated developer you direct, and an account manager will ensure all goes smoothly, but you or someone on your team is managing the work queue. On the Lite plan we do our best to keep the same developer assigned to your account but it’s not guaranteed.

How do I get projects requests started?

When you sign up to your chosen plan, you will be invited to our client area where customer requests are managed. You can submit your projects and activate one at a time or queue them to a list where they\'ll be approached consecutively. On the Full Stack + CRO plan our approach is project-based so we will group all your requests, plan them and get to work. We will provide you with a roadmap and weekly progress updates.

What if I need more hours in a certain month?

You can upgrade your plan OR we would invoice you for the extra hours at a favourable rate.

What is the turnaround time on projects ?

On average, we have a 2-3 business day turnaround on the majority of projects. We offer an “Express’’ option which cuts turnaround times by half. For more lengthy projects and implementations, turnaround times will depend entirely on their complexity. We will provide a reasonable estimated timeline in these cases.

How many rounds of revisions can I have on each task?

We guarantee unlimited revisions, no matter your subscription tier. We’ll keep revising until it’s perfect. We will do our best to shorten the communication between reviews. If you wish to revisit or make later changes to code or design, it will have to be submitted as a new request. You must be an active subscriber for us to review custom code implemented by our team.

What if I don’t have enough projects to use up my hours in a certain month?

When you sign up, we will help you create a backlog of ideas to improve your business. In periods where you may have less to do or less time, we will initiate ideas from this backlog. If you’re certain that you will have no requests to make within that month, you can opt for our maintenance plan for $299—which ensures we’re available in urgent cases—or you may pause your subscription and restart again when you’re ready.

Can I check if a project or a list of tasks are possible before signing up?

Yes, share your project information here, or book a call with us.

Can I request complex designs/interactions during my subscription?

Larger and more complex projects may take more time. If we assess a project to be above 50 hours, we can provide an estimate for this and we can decide together if it’s suitable to be done under the Dedicated Developer subscription or if it should be quoted separately. Active subscribers will always be treated with priority for larger projects.

What is your refund policy?

You may request a refund within the first 14 days of your first month for any reason. Keep in mind that we offer a high quality service that requires proper staffing and scheduling. We don’t have long-term contracts, this means flexibility is part of our offer. Refund requests in subsequent months can be honored only if no work has been started, and will be subject to a 20% fee to cover Stripe refund fees and staffing adjustments.

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