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  • Conversion Optimised Landing Pages

    Conversion Optimized Landing Pages are essential for any business looking to increase its online presence and conversions. By creating well-designed, user-friendly landing pages, you can convert more of your website visitors into customers. The key to creating an effective landing page is to optimize it for conversions. This means creating a page with a clear message and a strong call to action.

    Who is this for?

    eCommerce merchants who want to improve the shopping experience for their customers.

    What do we offer?

    At Nivara, we help you with persuasive copy, attractive visuals, and varied forms of media to draw attention and engage visitors. Additionally, we also perform a/b testing to ensure your page is performing as expected. Our primary goal is to fetch you increased conversions through beautiful, high-performing landing pages. Our team leaves no stone unturned to find what drives leads to your website.

    • Website audit
    • Strategy design
    • Impressive designs
    • Page optimization for different traffic sources
    • Play around with on-page elements


    • Your Shopify store URL
    • Description of design needs
    • Assets that should be included in the design


    An eCommerce store that generates more leads, drives more traffic and increases online sales.

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