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  • Shopify Dawn theme customization

    The Shopify Dawn theme reduces store complexity while increasing page load speed. It is quick to set up and fits right for any size catalog store. Customizing this theme will enhance user experience and improve your sales. It offers a flexible layout, cross-selling sections, and media-forward product pages for your business's captivating and aesthetic storefront. In addition, the Dawn theme will help improve brand visibility, credibility, and other functionalities.

    Who is this for?

    Shopify merchants or growing brands looking to customize their Shopify Dawn theme for increased sales and revenue.

    What do we offer?

    With the Shopify Dawn theme customization, we offer all configurations, conversions, and tools to help brands create an interactive website. With the Dawn theme customization, we will provide you with a completely fresh design that will ensure a faster speed and help you boost sales. At Nivara, we have worked with various clients to set up the store, create advanced functionalities, and increase sales and conversions.

    • Cross-sell functionality on the cart page
    • Header customization & Navbar customization
    • Quantity and Add to Cart button on collection pages
    • Separate quantity selector for each variant
    • Custom sections


    • Admin access to your Shopify store
    • Shopify Dawn Theme installation


    Customized Shopify Dawn theme that matches your business goals, helping you bump up your store launch with unlimited possibilities.

    Timeline 4 Days

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