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Have you ever spent money and time on a website’s development only to discover that it falls short of your original expectations? This can be aggravating as it may force you to go forward with a website version you are not happy with. Every modification comes at a cost. Therefore, before overhauling everything, we suggest creating high-fidelity mockups. Mockups are a great way to decide on design concepts and design user flow, visual hierarchy, color schemes, images, and typography. Plus, they ensure you finalize a design that matches your expectations and business goals.

Who is this for?

Shopify merchants who want to redesign their web pages while keeping the development cost-effective.

What do we offer?

Our design mockup services offer high-fidelity web page(s) mockups to give you an idea of how your website will look post-development. As a result, you can avoid any unpleasant surprises while saving unnecessary expenses. And, of course, the length of the project depends on the number of pages you wish to redesign, the content you have on each page, and the number of functionality implementations required.

  • Review your existing web page
  • List all possible adjustments and improvements.
  • Create a high-fidelity mockup


  • Your Shopify store URL
  • Description of redesign needs
  • Assets that should be included in the redesign


A high-fidelity design mockup that matches your expectations of how your website will look post-development.


4 Days

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