L'amore Beauty

L'amore Beauty is a beauty brand that sells a luxurious line of products. It sells stellar beauty products for everyone who wants to have beautiful skin, regardless of age or skin type.

Project Summary

The beauty industry is constantly fighting for the attention of consumers. In such a crowded industry, it is essential to stand apart from the pack, mainly if the product is new to the market. We have worked closely with experts to lower the attrition rate of site visitors.

L'amore Beauty is an oasis for those seeking to love their skin. However, an old, outdated site was hampering L'amore Beauty's online appearance, so our designers and developers got out the digital makeup brushes to give the website an internal and external makeover. We have defined a complete feature set for their website and made necessary tweaks to enhance the site.

Project Details

  • Role : Design & Development
  • Duration : 2.5 months
  • Website : https://getlamore.com/
  • Tools : Photoshop, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Shopify


L'amore Beauty could use effective navigation, appearance, and user experience to tell its story to the customers in a smooth flow. The website needed to be optimized for mobile. Revamping the user interface, features integration, content optimization, code customization, and meta fields addition was necessary to enhance the site architecture and make the user journey more intuitive.

L'amore Beauty required an effective strategy to reach more customers and foster sales. The bounce rate was high, and the traffic wasn't converting. A clear understanding of needs and business goals was crucial for store design. The UI/UX designs needed to be appealing & engaging for customers to stay and help propel the business growth.



To deliver the exclusive user experience, we helped L'amore Beauty gain maximum reach and conversions through enhanced website design. We made a few changes in the font family, added video sliders, ensured the heading size was consistent across all the pages, and optimized the code at the backend for smooth flow.

Research Insights

  • Colors


    The interdependence of colors and consumer behavior is crucial in gravitating potential customers towards your products. A handful of color utility classes & styling links go a long way.

  • Typography

    Typography & Spacing

    The headings, body text, spacing, width, line heights, and font size all add to the subtle art of reading rhythm while offering ease and convenience to site visitors.

  • Layout


    A well-defined web layout improves user experience. It makes navigation easier for customers, so they don't leave the website frustrated.

Fidelity Concepts

Fidelity concepts don’t let you limit the level of creative details and nuances. You need an effective design process for building great user experiences.


Lоw Fidelity

We brainstorm ideas on paper and develop as many unique designs as possible to set the groundwork for the next phase.


Medium Fidelity

We wireframe the collected ideas to create a semi-functional design to actualize the UX work. Finally, we remove any low-fidelity concepts that don't seem to work.


High Fidelity

This level represents a prototype very close to the final product and includes details and aesthetics of your UX designs.

Design System and Style

We created a design system to improve the overall process and experience for the website. Not only does it build consistency, but it also saves the clients' time as they build new features.



Our experts at Nivara provided custom website makeovers with enhanced design layouts and product page integrations to offer customers an outstanding shopping experience. The dedicated efforts of our design & development team led to the creation of a website with a fresh look and feel.

Our work with L'amore Beauty offered an improved user experience to the visitors and helped them find what they were looking for. In addition, the new website design with improved layout, fonts, and custom features promise to reinforce brand credibility and market leadership in the beauty industry.